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About Parian Media

Today, with multiple marketing and lead gen systems, Parian Media is forging new opportunities for Chiropractors that want to grow their practice.

We are delivering breakthrough discoveries that enable chiropractors to develop new client acquisition systems to propel their practices to 7-figures and beyond.

  • We offer executive coaching for chiropractors

  • Get access to a business intensive strategy session to help you become a patient acquisition expert.

  • A clear roadmap is critical to any business’ success. At Parian Media, we give you a customized plan for your clinic based on proven principles that when executed will put you in hyper-growth mode.

  • It's your call - choose to implement and execute your success plan on your own, or access our team to do it for you. We’ll help you with a done-for-you, turn-key execution plan to drive continued growth for your practice.

  • Through our research and training, we have been fortunate to be able to collaborate with many of the online’s leading marketing thinkers. We are grateful for all the lessons learned that, we can bring to your business, to help you succeed and grow. And though we still have more questions than answers, we are truly committed to discovering what really works for your practice.

    Better Results For Your Practice - From Deeper Customer Understanding

    The Parian Media methodology combines behavioral psychology, neuroscience and philosophy to build a model of how your customers think and make choices.

    Learn how Parian Media Services can help you overcome your toughest patient acquisition challenges.

    15+ Years of Collective Experience Helping Companies Radically Improve Marketing Performance

    Parian Media has built the first chiropractor-centric patient acquisition blueprint. For 15 years, we have utilized proven digital marketing strategies to deliver exceptional results and measurable gains in revenue.

    Our research with real customers making actual purchase decisions informed a patient conversion-increasing methodology that provides deep insights into customer behavior.

    Based on that methodology, Parian Media provides breakthrough customer insights and then applies these customer discoveries to your funnel to produce remarkable results. Parian Media helps chiropractors get results (and overcome previous roadblocks to success) in three key areas:

  • Conversion-centric patient acquisition systems

  • Value proposition-centric messaging

  • Patient conversion testing and optimization